Top 100 Tips for a Safe and Fun Prom | Part 6

This is part five of ten covering the 100 top tips for a safe and fun prom.  Each week, we will count down to the most important tips to have the safest and most fun prom possible.  As a partner to more than 140 High Schools in the greater Philadelphia, PA area, Kevin Smith Transportation Group is the #1 preferred Prom Transportation company.

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Prom safety is something every parent, student and High School focuses on and here at Kevin Smith Transportation Group, we believe it is our responsibility to deliver the safest experience possible for the more than 140 High Schools that call us their preferred Prom Transportation company.

However, we also want to deliver fun and our fleet of Limos, Party Buses and Prom Sprinters are ready to provide the most amazing experience to every student attending prom this year.

With that in mind, we are counting down the top 100 safety prom tips as shared by leading safety experts.  Here are tips 51 – 60.

  1. Unless your teen is taking a limo to his or her prom, one of the most important things to discuss with your teen is the importance of driving safety. If your teen is driving, you should remind him or her about the dangers of distracted driving and how to avoid getting distracted by other passengers in the car.
  2. Avoid illegal activity. Unfortunately, some teens often partake in illegal activity on prom night, including drinking alcohol. Instead of avoiding this topic, talk to your teen about the dangers related to drinking, why they should not drink, and ways to politely but forcefully turn down an alcoholic beverage. You should also talk to the parents of your teen’s friends to make sure they are talking to their kids about abstaining from drugs and/or alcohol.
  3. Parent Tip – Staying in contact is critical. Before your teen leaves, discuss their plans and/or agenda and who they are planning to go with and where they are going after prom. Make sure you have a list of contact information for the parents of the other teens in their party. Also, instead of calling your teen every hour, agree to have your teen text you every hour or so or when they change locations. This way, you will always know where they are without being an “overbearing” parent.
  4. Parent Tip – Unless your son or daughter is sleeping over somewhere you know he or she will be safe (like a friend’s house), you should always set a curfew. Even if it’s a few hours later than their typical weekend curfew, setting up a time when your teen should be home will keep them more accountable for their behavior. Before your son or daughter leaves, you should also discuss the consequences of breaking the boundaries you’ve agreed upon. While it’s important to be understanding and to show your trust, it’s even more important to ensure your child is staying safe.
  5. Parent Tip – Throughout the year, get educated about the current drug trends in your community.
  6. Parent Tip – Talk to the guidance personnel at your school or Student Assistance Counselor about any dangers around prom you should be aware of.
  7. Parent Tip – Gain a perspective from Parent Teacher Association (PTA) representatives. These types of groups tend to be plugged in to the latest trends.
  8. Parent Tip – Pinpoint medical emergencies, such as alcohol poisoning and how you would handle them if they occurred.
  9. Parent Tip – Reinforce that they should get help if a friend is in trouble
  10. Parent Tip – Stress that they should tell an adult immediately if someone has lost consciousness.  The safety of a friend is more important than getting in trouble for somebody drinking or worse.

Top Prom Tips – Prom Transportation

Prom season typically lasts nearly 3 months, starting in early March and ending in early June.  From a transportation perspective, it also clashes with a very busy wedding season.

To ensure you get the perfect Limo, Party Bus or Prom Sprinter, book early.  Even if you are still working on finalizing the group who will be coming along, locking up the perfect vehicle ahead of time is the only way to ensure your transportation is as amazing as the prom itself.

Are you looking for the #1 Prom Transportation company?  Call 610-222-6225 and speak to a Prom Coordinator at Kevin Smith Transportation Group who can walk you through all of the vehicle options and pricing packages.

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