Top Features to Look For In a Party Bus Service

It’s not a party until there’s a party bus involved! A sure-fire way to take things to the next level (just ask Sheldon, and the Big Bang crew), unwind with a big group of friends, a party bus rental ensures that you can keep the party going as you get from location to location. 

Along with comfortable wrap around bench seating, and easy access to the inbuilt bars, lots of party buses also have LED lights, surround sound, and even dancing poles to spice things up! As a plus, you’ll also be able to keep the gang together, and make sure all the stragglers make it from one destination to another! However, it’s important to keep an eye out for certain features, the next time you book a party bus, so you can really have a blast!

Size Matters

Party bus rentals are fantastic if you’ve got a big group you need to ferry around. Depending on the size of your party (pun intended) you can get anything from an 18 seater to a 26 seater. It’s important to be sure, ahead of time, how many people you’re expecting. Your chauffeur will only be able to let on 18 people if it’s an 18 seater party bus, for safety reasons. So, make sure you book a bigger bus if you’re expecting a few late confirmations. Anyway, bigger is always better right? 

Booze Cruise

Hopping on a party bus, you’ll be expecting to enjoy some libations to kick things off. Check and see the number of custom bars onboard. If you’ve got a larger party a three-bar party bus would probably be just the ticket. It’s also important to make sure the company you’re renting from allows alcohol on board the bus, or that would be a bit of a bummer. Also, clarify if you need to bring your own booze, or if the booze will be provided. Most party buses provide ice and glasses, but it’s usually BYOB!

Here for Your Entertainment

What’s the entertainment scene like? Before you splash your cash on a party bus, look out for deals that suit the occasion! Most party buses have surround sound (get your playlist ready), televisions, and LED lights that will give you a club feel right inside your bus. So make sure you check out the specs and have a blast!

Review the Reviews

In this day and age, the first thing people should check before making a decision on a party bus is online reviews! Check to see how the company has responded to feedback or criticism, and see what experiences other party peeps have had when renting!

Dance, Dance, Dance

With fancy surround sound, you can be sure that you and your guests would like to groove to the beats. Make sure you’ve got enough room to get the party started on the dance floor, along with all the bags, coats, booze, and the people. Some party buses even have dancing poles to spice things up a little. It all depends on what you’re looking for!

Got a special occasion coming? Check out our party bus rentals here, and speak to our concierge to sort out all the details!