21 Reasons to Choose a Limo Company over Uber or Lyft

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21 Reasons to Choose a Limo Company over Uber or Lyft

While hard costs are an obvious driver, can they devalue safety and service in the name of saving a few dollars. In fact, should be they estimating the total cost of Uber and Lyft when considering the cost. For instance, while saving $5 on a ride to the airport seems like savings, one claim due to an issue with Uber or Lyft could cost tens of thousands of dollars. That’s a lot of trips to the airport!

So we polled more than 200 Travel Managers and Executive Assistants to understand why they choose Kevin Smith Transportation Group over Uber and Lyft. The results were eye opening.

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1. Convenience

We arrive early and wait for you. We don’t operate on our schedule. We operate on yours. A Corporate Transportation Partner understands that your meeting may run long and when it is over, you don’t want to wait 15 minutes watching a fictional car get closer and closer to your location. KSTG’s Chauffeur is outside waiting on you.

2. We Actually Vet our Employees

Background screenings are a standard for Kevin Smith Transportation Group, including FBI fingerprinting. With Uber and Lyft, have a “valid” drivers license and you are ready to go. If you are charged with the safety of your employees when they travel, who would you book with?

3. Professional Chauffeurs

Somebody pulling up in a 2012 Nissan hasn’t had any kind of driver training since they got their license. At KSTG, our Chauffeurs go through a rigorous training program that continues on a monthly basis. Skilled in vehicles of all sizes, their job is to ensure we deliver every client on time and safely. In addition, Chauffeurs also attend continuing education classes on customer service, making sure every experience in a KSTG vehicle is better than expected.

4. No Surge Pricing

When you book with Uber and Lyft, your pickup time at 6pm may be 4 times the cost of a 3pm pickup. When you need them the most, they know it and charge you accordingly. With Kevin Smith Transportation Group, our contracted rates for Black Car Service or any other vehicle is the same regardless of the time of day. Sometimes, the savings you think your getting never materializes when rates change literally every minute of every day.

5. Adult Beverages

Uber and Lyft have a strict policy about enjoying an adult beverage in their vehicles. It is a no-go. However, with KSTG, our social customers often may want to unwind with a beverage after a long day. Because we are actually licensed and screened by the state, your options are greater in a KSTG vehicle.

6. Return Policy

Every forget something in an Uber or Lyft? Good luck getting it back. At KSTG, there is nothing we won’t do to expedite a lost item back to you. Our Client Relations Team will work closely with you to make sure any item left behind is returned. When you have employees traveling all over the country, a single Corporate Transportation Partner like KSTG will handle this opportunity so you don’t have to.

7. Do You Have Criminals Driving Your Employees?

Does that seem like an odd question? In fact, you have no idea who is driving your employees when you use Uber and Lyft. With KSTG, you guarantee that every Chauffeur is fully screened. When your employees travel, often late at night, safety shouldn’t be something keeping you up at night.

8. No Driver Cancellations

At Kevin Smith Transportation Group, we understand when plans change. With Uber and Lyft, once you press that button, you are committed and are charged regardless if something changes on your side. A true partner works with you, not against you.

9. Our Chauffeurs are Employees

Uber and Lyft likes to tell everybody their drivers are not employees. The funny thing is, they think that is a positive. At Kevin Smith Transportation Group, every Chauffeur is an employee. Our Chauffeurs are vested in the company doing well and that translates to superior service for you and your employees. They work for a Black Car Service like KSTG because they do want to work for the best.

10. We are Licensed and Insured

Does your company operate legally? Do you maintain specific licenses, insurances and safety requirements at the state and national level? Of course you do and so does Kevin Smith Transportation Group. Uber and Lyft, not so much. Those things cost money and they feel maintaining safety and licensing standards isn’t worth the investment. Do you agree?

11. Total Cost for KSTG is Less

Do you measure cost not just by dollars and cents? When including risk, service, convenience and the overall experience of working with KSTG, a Chauffeured solution is clearly the most cost-effective option.

Want to talk to an expert who can help? Call 610-222-6225 and speak to a Corporate Transportation Coordinator who will help you book all of your Private Car Services.

12. We Have Phones

At some point, email and apps only get you so far. When you need to talk to a Relationship Manager (which Uber and Lyft definitely don’t have) or your actual driver, simply dial our number and immediately speak to them. Our Chauffeurs aren’t hiding behind a mobile app and you deserve immediate access.

13. Special Requests

Do you need to make a stop or two on the way? Maybe you prefer a certain newspaper or water in the car. With Uber and Lyft, you are just hoping the air freshener doesn’t overwhelm you. With Kevin Smith Transportation Group, we go out of the way to identify your special requests. There is no other way to deliver Executive Transportation than by being able to deliver on the special touches.

14. KSTG Provides Ease of Mind

Have a Senior Executive arriving after Midnight at the airport? Would you rather have them have to log onto their phone and request an Uber or Lyft or know that a KSTG Chauffeur is already waiting to take them to their hotel. What price would you pay for this level of service?

15. Luxury, Well-Maintained Vehicles

With Uber or Lyft, there is no standard of vehicle. Quality, cleanliness and safety aren’t requirements for their service. With KSTG, you will get a superior and luxurious vehicle, impeccably cleaned and maintained above the highest standards set for the industry. This is a benchmark that should be standard for your Black Car Service.

16. Multiple Airport Pickup Options

With Uber or Lyft, there will ask that you wait 5 to 10 minutes outside and they will come pick you up. With KSTG, we can meet you at baggage claim, help with luggage or simply be waiting curbside. After a long trip, a personal touch is a nice way to arrive back to Philadelphia and an Executive Transportation solution like KSTG offers is why so many clients choose us over a transportation app.

17. Who Likes Water and Snacks

While this may seem trivial, after a long flight, a fresh bottle of water and some snacks is an amazing personal touch. Jump in an Uber or Lyft and you might find some leftover wrappers from the prior ride but there will be nothing hand picked based on your preferences or requests.

18. Pick Your Driver

If you use KSTG frequently as many of our clients do, they often request a specific Chauffeur that they have gotten to know. With Uber or Lyft, there are no requests to be made so don’t waste your time trying. For real Black Car Service, look no further than KSTG.

19. Open Doors and Carry Luggage

Yes, Uber or Lyft might open your door and maybe, just maybe, put your luggage in. But will they walk you to your door or into the lobby of your building, making sure you arrive safely and comfortably? With KSTG, professional service means handling all of the details, no matter how small they might be.

20. KSTG is Awesome

Yes, KSTG is awesome and we think this should be its own bullet point. We pride ourselves on being the best Corporate Transportation partner in the industry. Executive Car Service or Black Car Service is defined by how professional a company is and nobody does it better than Kevin Smith Transportation Group.

21. Time to Book

Stop reading this blog already and call KSTG to book your Car Service today. You won’t regret your decision and you will have a transportation partner for life.