Ultimate Guide to a Sweet 16 Party

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Plan the greatest sweet 16 Party complimented with a chauffeured Limousine or Party Bus with Kevin Smith Transportation Group.  Forget about recycled ideas splashed across the internet.  Plan your once in a lifetime Sweet 16 Party with Philadelphia’s most luxurious Limo company using this Ultimate Guide to a Sweet 16 Party.

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Ultimate Guide to a Sweet 16 Party – Top 7 Priorities

The secret to a great Sweet 16 Party lies in the preparation and decision making.  We are going to explore 7 Sweet 16 Party Ideas that will make your party the most memorable of the year. 

1. Sweet 16 Ultimate Checklist

Where to start? Follow along with our checklist and you will end up with the most unique Sweet 16 Party ever.

2. Sweet 16 Themes

The theme will set the tone for the entire Sweet 16 Party. The most memorable Sweet 16 Parties have a cohesive theme to them and more importantly, they feel like they are the perfect fit for the person having the party.  We’ll share 21 popular Sweet 16 Party themes later in the blog.

3. Sweet 16 Invitations

Announcing the Sweet 16 Party should be done with as much flare as the party itself. We’ll cover 9 invitation ideas that will make your Sweet 16 Party a can’t miss event. 

4. Sweet 16 Transportation

A Sweet 16 Party is a celebration and a once in a lifetime event. We’ll outline Limo and Party Bus options that will make this party one to remember.

5. Sweet 16 Food

No Sweet 16 Party would be complete without great food. We’ll cover 6 food options that work no matter where your party is being held.

6. Sweet 16 Party Decorations

Picking the right decorations not only enhance the party but should be aligned with your themes. We’ll cover more than 50 different decoration ideas. 

7. Sweet 16 Party Games

Everybody wants a party that will be fun and entertaining. Maybe even over the top!  We’ll share a couple of game ideas to get the party started. 

Sweet 16 Party Checklist

Planning a Sweet 16 Party starts with a checklist to make sure nothing is missed.  Kevin Smith Transportation Group has crafted a Sweet 16 Party Checklist that is sure to help you build a unique and exciting Sweet 16 Party.

Sweet 16 Checklist – 12+ Months Before the Big Day

Now is the time to begin talking (and dreaming) about the type of Sweet Sixteen you and your family want to have. Formal in a hotel ballroom or banquet hall maybe?

Is a casual get-together at home more the tastes of your soon to be Sweet 16? Do you want a big celebration or small gathering? Do you want it to be fun and exciting or serious and thoughtful (such as a group charitable activity)?

Regardless of what you may or may not be thinking, everyone needs help getting started.  It is never too early to start working with a party planner who can show you pictures of past parties and suggest Sweet 16 venues and other vendors like caterers.  However, our Ultimate Guide to a Sweet 16 Party can also do much of your heavy lifting.

A good tip is if you are in the greater Philadelphia, PA area, you can explore options across the area, knowing that Kevin Smith Transportation Group can get all of your Sweet 16 guests there easily and safely. 

It is also time to start thinking about your budget.  If you can set an overall number you want to spend, it will help you as you navigate through all of your options for where you want to splurge and where you want to be more frugal.

Select a couple of dates and times and check with family calendars, school calendars, and special guests of honors.  Begin interviewing party planners if you will need one. Refer to your Ultimate Guide to a Sweet 16 Party throughout the process.

Sweet 16 Checklist – 10 to 12 Months Out

Get organized! Get a notebook or favorite app for your laptop or phone to house all your Sweet Sixteen planning paperwork in one place. This will relieve a lot of stress when looking for a phone number or contract…and it can be fun to collect ideas in as well. 

Begin working on a preliminary Sweet Sixteen guest list and decide on your Sweet Sixteen’s approximate party size.  This will be important if you are thinking of bringing your guests in a Sweet 16 Limo, Sweet 16 Party Bus or Sweet 16 Mini Bus.

Visit any venues you are interested in to ensure that it accommodates the number of guests you want to entertain.  Book it as soon as possible to ensure you get your preferred date.  

A great tip to remember is a plain room is often more budget-friendly freeing up funds to spend on the decorations to make the venue look like you want it to look (more to come on decorations later in the Ultimate Guide to a Sweet 16 Party. 

Start selecting a caterer (if applicable) and your party planner might be able to recommend one (if you are using one). Talk with them about the price per head and the type of menu.  Later in the Ultimate Guide to a Sweet 16 Party, we will make our own recommendations on some food options. 

If you plan to have a website or social media account for the event to provide information and get everyone involved as well as to share pictures and videos afterward, now is the time to set it up.  Certainly, a dedicated Facebook or Instagram account might be great options.

Choose a Sweet 16 theme and color scheme.  Review our list of suggested themes later in this guide.  Finalize the guest list.  Decide on the type of music you want and start thinking about special songs. Audition bands or DJs and sign a contract once you decide.

A great tip to ensure every detail is being covered it to verify the venue contract has the same date as the band or DJ contract.  Discuss style and pricing options with various party planners, decorators, or florists.

Discuss services and price lists from photographers and videographers, especially if it is not part of the package of the venue. 

Want to talk to a Sweet 16 expert who can help book an amazing Limo or Party Bus? Call 610-851-4623 and speak to a Party Concierge who will help you create a memorable Sweet 16 Party.

Sweet 16 Party Checklist – 6 to 8 Months Away

Find a local bakery to make your Sweet Sixteen cake. Your Sweet 16 party planner or caterer can make recommendations if you don’t have somebody you already trust.  Reserve a photographer and/or videographer, decide on a package based on what you want and what you want to spend and sign a contract and send a deposit so that you can cross it off your list. 

Choose your decorator or florist and send a deposit to reserve their services.  If you plan on decorating yourself, check out some of our suggestions later in this guide.  Select any special attire such as the Sweet 16 dress, tuxedos, or other formal wear as sometimes there could be a long order time and most items will require tailoring of some kind. 

Also, remember the tiara!

Finalize your menu and service details with the caterer.  Order your Sweet Sixteen invitations and announcements with plenty of extra envelopes.  Check out our invitation suggestions later in the Ultimate Guide. 

Order any other custom items such as personalized party favors (water bottles with your Sweet 16’s picture on them, personalized M&M’s) or Sweet 16 candle holders.

If you will be having many out-of-town guests, make arrangements for special pricing with quality hotels near the Sweet 16 venue.  Kevin Smith Transportation Group can handle all of your out of town guest transportation for the duration of their stay and can even recommend a hotel partner as we work with all of the leading properties on the Wedding side of the business.

Prepare information to accompany the invitation. Include the information online if you have a website or social media account for the event. 

Want to talk to a Sweet 16 expert who can help book an amazing Limo or Party Bus? Call 610-851-4623 and speak to a Party Concierge who will help you create a memorable Sweet 16 Party.

Sweet 16 Party Checklist – 4 to 6 Months Out

Call Kevin Smith Transportation Group and finalize any transportation you will need.  This could include shuttle services for the guests, a Limo or Party Bus for the guest of honor and her friends or even transportation for family (out of town and otherwise) who may be joining. 

Using a sketch of the venue, draw a floor plan to include the sign-in board, a Sweet 16 candle-lighting ceremony, coat check, cake display, dance floor, dining tables, lounge area, DJ booth or stage for the band, and all the other elements you are planning.  Your Venue Manager can assist you with this. 

Finalize all decorating details such as Sweet 16 centerpieces, linen colors, wall draperies, lighting, Sweet 16 candleholder, and other elements you want to include.

Reserve tables, chairs, tents, and/or other rental equipment such as casino games or photo booths that you will need according to your venue sketch and decorating plans (applicable only if this is to be included in your Sweet 16 Party).

Begin collecting photos and memorabilia for a scrapbook or memory board and, if used, a video montage shown during the party.

Want to talk to a Sweet 16 expert who can help book an amazing Limo or Party Bus? Call 610-851-4623 and speak to a Party Concierge who will help you create a memorable Sweet 16 Party.

Sweet 16 Checklist – 2 Months Before the Big Birthday Party

Plan any special parts of the party such as the honorees for the Sweet 16 candle lighting ceremony and special song for the father-daughter dance.

Make notes to give to your vendors if you think of items you need such as special music, candle holder, or a floral arrangement.

Arrange parking or valet service and any required security personnel for the Sweet Sixteen party, if needed.

If you are having the party at your home, arrange to have any extra cleaning services for before and after the party. Also, determine secure places for your pets to ensure they feel safe and do not annoy your guests.

Buy paper plates, napkins, silverware, glasses, or arrange for rentals if not provided by your party planner or caterer.

Order liquor, wine and/or champagne if not included in the catering contract for the adults (if serving alcohol is part of the plan).

Buy a guest sign-in book or sign-in board and a pretty pen.

Begin addressing invitations. File them alphabetically so you can find one easily if you need to double check it.

Prepare any special items such as welcome bags for your out-of-town guests to enjoy while staying in their hotels.

Provide photos and video for the video montage to your party planner or photographer if one will be shown during the party.

Make hair and make-up appointments.  Kevin Smith Transportation Group can assist with this as we work with some amazing stylists in our Wedding Division. 

Want to talk to a Sweet 16 expert who can help book an amazing Limo or Party Bus? Call 610-851-4623 and speak to a Party Concierge who will help you create a memorable Sweet 16 Party.

Sweet 16 Checklist – 1 Month Before

Mail invitations. Remember to add extra postage for overseas guests.  Finalize a list of key songs that you want played (or not played) by your DJ or band.

Complete all final fittings for the Sweet 16 party attire.  Buy thank you notes, stamps, and return labels. Prepare the thank you notes with return address and stamps. If you have already received special help or a gift from someone, go ahead and write the thank-you note. It will feel great to have that done!

Go over the list of decorations and other party plans to ensure that everything is taken care of. Buy anything you will need that is not taken care of by the vendors like party favors.

Want to talk to a Sweet 16 expert who can help book an amazing Limo or Party Bus? Call 610-851-4623 and speak to a Party Concierge who will help you create a memorable Sweet 16 Party.

Sweet 16 Checklist – 2 Weeks Before

Follow-up with guests who have not sent their RSVP for the Sweet 16 party. It may seem rude, but you need a final head count to ensure proper counts for food and beverages.

If you are having a meal, finalize a seating chart and make place cards. If you are using a calligrapher, send the names…check spelling!

Provide a final head count to the party planner or caterer. Give them a copy of your venue sketch and seating chart. Confirm set-up times, instructions, and menu.

Call the venue manager to get any special instructions to ensure your vendors have access to the site when they need it.

Confirm head count, delivery time, and location with the baker.

Confirm delivery locations, times, and décor plans with the decorator or florist.

Prepare toasts or thanks to friends and family.

Confirm all final payment amounts with your vendors.

Finish the scrapbook or memory board.

Confirm location, date, and time with videographer.

Confirm location, date, and time with photographer for any pre-event photos as well as the party photos. Create a list of photos you want taken and give it to the photographer.

Want to talk to a Sweet 16 expert who can help book an amazing Limo or Party Bus? Call 610-851-4623 and speak to a Party Concierge who will help you create a memorable Sweet 16 Party.

Sweet 16 Checklist – The Week of The Party

Pick up food and beverages not provided by your party planner or caterer.  Buy extra film or memory card and batteries. Charge camera and video batteries.

Recruit a friend to run errands on party day.  Wrap gifts for Sweet 16 and guests.

Make cardholder and set up decorations/memorabilia.  Confirm hotel reservations for out of town guests and deliver any maps or welcome bags to be given to the guests upon their arrival.

Review guest list with your teen and talk about your expectations during the party.  If having the party at home, make final arrangements for cleaning chores inside and outside to be completed.

Sweet 16 Checklist – The Day Before the Sweet 16

Get plenty of rest, water, and good food!  Drop off party favors, guest book or sign-in board with pen, and any other items you will be supplying at the Sweet 16 party venue.

Set up the tent on the day before the party.   Confirm delivery of rental equipment and plan to be there to inspect deliveries.

If having the party at home, inspect inside and outside to ensure all cleaning chores have been completed.  Confirm with people who are planning to give toasts at the Sweet 16 party.

Want to talk to a Sweet 16 expert who can help book an amazing Limo or Party Bus? Call 610-851-4623 and speak to a Party Concierge who will help you create a memorable Sweet 16 Party.

Sweet 16 Checklist – The Day of Your Sweet Sixteen

Wake up your Sweet 16 with breakfast in bed (or let them sleep…you know your kid).  Take a moment to tell your special Sweet 16 how much you love her or him.

Secure the pets and important valuables if you are having the party in your home.  Arrive on time for hair and makeup appointments.

Set tables, serving tables and beverages.  Set out non-perishable food early.  Set out perishable food at the last minute.  Give your Sweet 16 a big hug and let the celebration begin!

Sweet 16 Checklist – After the Sweet Sixteen Party

Upload your digital pictures and videos onto your website or social media account.  Check to ensure all vendors are paid in full.

Find out when you can expect your photo proofs and edited Sweet Sixteen video (if you used a videographer).  Write all thank-you notes within a couple of weeks of the party.

Want to talk to a Sweet 16 expert who can help book an amazing Limo or Party Bus? Call 610-851-4623 and speak to a Party Concierge who will help you create a memorable Sweet 16 Party.

Sweet 16 Themes

An amazing Sweet 16 theme will make your party a lifetime memory nobody will ever forget.  We spoke to numerous Party Planners and they provided us with the 21 Sweet 16 Themes they felt everybody was talking about.

Each theme can be customized by the choice of music, decorations, food and drinks along with the invitation.  Simply follow along this guide and match the right theme to the subsequent sub-category and you have the makings for the perfect Sweet 16 Party. 

Below are the 21 Themes and we provided some details around some of our own personal favorites. 

Beach Themed Party

Throwing a beach theme party is one of the most fun parties you can host. There are so many great decorations, favors, music, and food that can bring the beach to your party regardless of where the party is happening.

A beach theme party needs to bring sand, sun, fun, water and the laidback party feeling of vacation to the space of your choosing. The best way to entertain is to make sure that you take care of all the senses, sight, sound, touch, taste and smell.

Chocolate Party

Who doesn’t like the sweetness and indulgence of chocolate! With a chocolate theme party you can’t go wrong!

From the rich color combinations, to the custom candy bar wrappers, to giant chocolate fountains, a chocolate themed party is a can’t miss way to bring all of your friends together for a tasty indulgent party!

Diamonds and Denim Theme Party

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend and denim is the perfect way to dress down but still look great and fashionable! A diamonds & denim theme party is a great way to dress up dressing down but in a fashionable way!

The cool thing about this party theme is that it uses items that almost everyone has. Everyone has a pair of their favorite jeans and everyone either has bling or can pick up some bling of some kind for the party.

There are many things to think about when planning a party like this including Diamonds, Party Favors, Decorations, Denim, Diamond Drinks and Diamond Lights.

    • Cops and Robbers Themed Party
    • Dress to Impress
    • Fairytale Sweet Sixteen
    • Glamour Sweet Sixteen Party
    • Glow Theme Party
    • Halloween Themed Party
    • Highlighter/Blacklight Party
    • Hollywood Sweet Sixteen Party
    • Jocks and Cheerleader Sweet Sixteen Party
    • Luau Sweet Sixteen
    • Mardis Gras Theme Party
    • Masquerade the Night Away
    • Party Like a Rockstar Party
    • Pretty in Pink Theme Party
    • Red Carpet Theme Party
    • Slumber Sweet Sixteen
    • Sugary Sweet Sixteen
    • Twilight Theme Party
    • Under the Stars Party

    Want to talk to a Sweet 16 expert who can help book an amazing Limo or Party Bus? Call 610-851-4623 and speak to a Party Concierge who will help you create a memorable Sweet 16 Party.

    Sweet 16 Invitations

    Your Sweet 16 Party gets announced via your choice of invitation.  You can find unique invitations that can reflect your choices for theme, music and food.  The best options will include matching thank yous, calling cards, return address labels and gift stickers!

    Your daughter only turns 16 once.  Let her 16 Birthday party be extra special with awesome party invites! Whether you have planned a sophisticated, elegant night or a wild party, you will find the right new Sweet Sixteen Invitations from many companies across the internet.

    You can even let your birthday party invitations stand out by using photo invites for her Sweet 16, custom and unique gatefold cards for a magical Sweet Sixteen party or animal print invitations for your Sweet 16. Be creative and have fun. 

    Personalized sweet sixteen invites can make all the difference when you want your child’s 16th birthday party to be a truly special event! Options include unique Sweet 16 style invitations to fit any teenagers’ personal style. Custom printed Sweet 16 cards are a great way to for your teen to express their creativity.

    You can choose custom ink colors, motifs and designs to fit the theme of their birthday party. If you want traditional printed sweet 16 design or something with more of a modern flair, then you’ll love the Sweet sixteen birthday invite selections available online.

    With all of the social networking sites and digital camera technology, finding a favorite picture is simple. Choose a personalized sweet sixteen photo card for your big Sweet Sixteen event. If your daughter and her friend share the same birthday, then double your pleasure and don a great shot of both the girls on your unique Sweet 16 invitations.

    sweet 16

    Online printing allows you to customize the birthday wording, so you can easily make the party for two. If you are having a masquerade themed sweet 16 party or perhaps it’s a summertime birthday and you’re keeping the mess a minimum with a stay cool at the pool party, then your teen’s friends will really be impressed with a themed birthday invitation for the big sweet sixteen birthday.

    Personalized sweet 16 invitations are also a fabulous idea because you can add custom wording such as attire requests or directions.

    A creative custom made Sweet 16 card is also a fantastic way to remember the special time and event. You can easily frame the photo invitation for a creative portrait of your child to hang on the wall. If you decide on a photo sweet sixteen card, it’s also nice to put some framed pictures of your child and their friends casually placed around the drink stand or food buffet table.

    Details make your party unique, so if you are doing a Sweet Sixteen sleepover party, don’t miss to do a fun manicure set. Tie a ribbon around each one with the girl’s name on it and place it at her dinner seat. It will make her feel really special! When it’s time to cut the cake, be sure to do it with style with a custom cake cutter. 

    Your teenager is turning sixteen. It’s a milestone worthy of a fabulous celebration-which means you have lots of planning to do. To guarantee that your teen, and her friends, have a fantastic time, you’ll want to make sure that the party is “her” in every way-from the decorations to the food to the music.

    The best way to set the tone for the event and capture your sweet 16’s essence is with an invitation that matches her personality and style. Think about what makes your teen who she is-her likes, passions, pastimes, friends-and then choose an invitation that is as unique as she is. Here are a few examples from PaperStyle.com to help you get inspired!

    For the Sophisticate
    As a little girl, she loved Hollywood dress-up, and she’s still a glamour girl who favors the finer things. An elegant invitation with The Great Gatsby theme-will suit her exquisite taste and be the perfect choice for what will surely be a classy soiree. The Art Deco Glitzy Ticket Sweet 16 invitations with vintage art deco ticket style, will thrill any teen with a sophisticated style.

    For the Girl at Heart
    She may be growing up, but she’s still a kid at heart who loves girly things. Complement her youthful, whimsical style with an invitation featuring brightly colored flowers, polka dots, or even candy. Stylish yet sweet, the Candy Treat Sweet 16 invitations and the Honey Sweet 16 invitations are excellent choices for a teen who is still “sugar and spice and everything nice”!

    For the One of a Kind
    Does your teen march to the beat of a different drummer? Indulge her rebellious side with an invitation that allows for lots of personalization. With the basic template of the 16th Birthday Hot Pink and Black Photo invitations, you get to choose your own font and ink color, as well as upload your favorite photo. Have her give input, or design the whole card herself, and you’ll have a one-of-a-kind invitation that will make you both happy.

    Want to talk to a Sweet 16 expert who can help book an amazing Limo or Party Bus? Call 610-851-4623 and speak to a Party Concierge who will help you create a memorable Sweet 16 Party.

    For the Fashionista
    If your daughter has an eye for fashion and loves city life, give her a New York-style sweet 16 party, complete with fabulous clothes, a red carpet, and even a signature mock-tini. To set the mood, go for the Sweet 16 In The City Party invitations. It’ll be a “Sixteen in the City” party she’ll never forget!

    For the Life of the Party
    Your sweet 16 loves to have fun-if she’s in the room, it’s a party. Everyone knows her name, and everyone is her friend. For your fun-loving center of attention, consider an invitation with a wild print and elegance, such as the Chic Candelabra Gatefold Sweet 16 invitations. The animal print and candelabra screams “party!” without you having to say a word, and her characteristic smile will have everyone hurrying to RSVP.

    For the Artist
    Have a budding artist in your midst? If your teen loves expressing herself creatively and injects everything she does with imagination and style, you’ll want a sweet 16 invitation that is more like a piece of art. The Hydrangea Mod Fleur Sweet Gatefold Invitations feature bright pink flowers set on a crisp white and pink striped background; on the backside of the invitations has matching pattern. Not only will it please your young artiste, but it will give you much inspiration for party décor!

    For the Dancing Queen
    It doesn’t matter where she is-your teen just wants to dance! Celebrate her passion with a boogie-worthy invitation, like the Disco Sequins Sweet 16 Invitation. Its bright colors, splashy design, and iconic imagery will leave no room for interpretation: this will be a dance party to end all dance parties!

    For the Dreamer
    Your teen might be reserved, but she has a big imagination, and even bigger dreams. Send her to Paris to satisfy her wanderlust with a Parisian sweet 16 party, complete with our Eiffel Tower Paris Sweet Sixteen invitations. In pink, black, and white and featuring a sketch of the tower and a lovely damask pattern, this invitation will have your dreamer enjoying la vie en rose!

    For the No-Frills Girl
    Just because she’s a jeans and T-shirt kind of girl doesn’t mean she can’t have an excellent sweet 16 bash. A chilled-out pool party might be just the thing for your laid-back teen who loves hanging out with her friends-but hates wearing a dress! Check out the Light Up The Night Pool Party invitations -light-hearted yet chic, they’re a great pick for a summer party by the pool.

    Want to talk to a Sweet 16 expert who can help book an amazing Limo or Party Bus? Call 610-851-4623 and speak to a Party Concierge who will help you create a memorable Sweet 16 Party.

    Sweet 16 Party Food Ideas

    Have you ever been to a party where the right food didn’t make it a great night?  When planning a Sweet 16 Party, matching the food to your theme is a great way to make your event a once in a lifetime moment.

    There are hundreds of options to choose from but we reached out to 3 of the leading caterers in the greater Philadelphia, PA area and asked them what they are seeing their clients choose for Sweet 16 parties.  Here was their list in no particular order. 

    Pizza Bar

    What teenage doesn’t love pizza? It’s fun to let the guests create their own personal pizzas. You can either create individual pizza crusts or purchase ready-made ones. You can also use bagels or english muffins as the crust. Have a variety of toppings (be sure to have vegetarian options) and let everyone construct their own pizza. You’ll want to include a salad bar to accompany the delicious pies!

    Taco Bar

    A taco bar is a really great and easy main dish to serve at the party. For variety serve soft and hard shells. Offer up a beef, chicken and grilled veggies. Set out a variety of diced veggies like mushrooms, olives and onions. Add in shredded cheese and great, garnishes like sour cream, fresh salsa and avocado and you’re guests will be, very satisfied. Serve with beans and rice and green salad for those who might want to create a taco salad.

    Pasta Bar

    Another of the great buffet options! Give your guests a few pasta choices; a mix of long and short cut pasta. Leave the meat choices separate of the sauces. Be sure to create a red and a white sauce option. Serve with quality crusty bread and a delicious Caesar salad. Don’t forget extra, napkins!

    Sushi Buffet

    For the sushi loving 16 year-old crowd, why not indulge their palates with some fresh sushi. Sushi rolls are generally less expensive than sashimi or nigiri. Incorporate miso soup and a fresh and light green salad. You can even incorporate some candy sushi into this creative spread!


    If your birthday girl is more down to earth about her celebration, create a fantastic backyard bbq. Grill up hamburgers, chicken, and portobello mushrooms for a delicious dinner. Serve with home favorites like corn on the cob, potato salad and baked beans. Accompany the main grill fare with all the fixin’s including grilled onions, avocado, bacon, and don’t forget the cheese!

    Dessert Bar

    Forget dinner and go straight for the sweet treats. Hosting a dessert bar can be very sophisticated and fun for a 16th birthday bash. Consider renting or purchasing a chocolate fountain for dipping fruits and pound cake into. Cupcakes are fun and less work than a cake. Chocolate covered strawberries, gourmet cookies, and truffles make elegant desserts to serve. Your birthday girl will feel so grown up with just desserts!

    sweet 16 party

    Sweet 16 Party Decorations

    Sweet 16 Decorations ideas are too numerous even for this blog!  Decorations will include cake toppers, banners, favors, balloons, backdrops, centerpieces and game props.

    We have combed the internet for the best sweet sixteen party decorations. These decorations are some of the coolest we have found with a number of great favors and ideas to help you create a truly unique sweet sixteen party.

    Picking the right decorations is important and it should always match with your sweet sixteen theme. This helps create the truly memorable party that will keep all of your friends talking for years to come!

    Decorating the Room

    Decorating the room is the first thing you should think about decorating for your Sweet Sixteen party. The room sets the tone for the rest of the evening, if guests arrive and everything is decorated in sweet sixteen style decorations then you will definitely set the tone that you put time and effort into the evening and that it will be a blast!

    When thinking about where to decorate, consider the following locations.  Outside of the building, including entryway signs directing guests where to go, balloons and sweet sixteen lighting.

    Entrances are another great spot.  This is where guests walk in, creating a middle space, a small area where guests must check-in and they can get a wrist band and then it is clear they are allowed into the party. 

    Walls are another prime piece of real estate.  You can decide if you will leave them blank or put up signs with the birthday girls name, covering them in decorations.

    Ceiling are another unique place to place decorations.  Can you hang balloons from the ceiling, columns, or other room enhancing decorations?  If so, this is a good spot to decorate. 

    Flooring is another good option.  Lighting is the safest and easiest way to enhance the flooring.  You can also use glitter and confetti in some rooms if allowed. 

    Decorating the Tables

    Decorating the tables so that guests are surrounded by sweet sixteen party decorations is something to think about.  Generally, giveaways on the table for everyone works well, from assorted glow sticks and necklaces, masks, light making LEDs, disposable cameras, beads, leis to just about anything that can be worn works well.

    This helps ease guests into the evening because they have a prop they can use to help them get more in the party atmosphere. This works very well for people who are quiet as it gives them something to work with.

    Also think about centerpieces, plates, glasses, giveaways, napkins, table cloths, chair covers and straws.

    Gift Table Decorations

    When your friends arrive, they will most likely have gifts that they have brought with them. Having a table where they can place the gift they brought that is themed to the party will help set the mood. Having it where guests check in will help show how many gifts that people have brought!

    Think about table skirts, photos of you, a signature picture frame, party items (themed giveaways), lighting, flowers, small cage/basket for gift cards and envelopes with money.

    Party Favors

    Having a giveaway can be a fun way for your guests to remember your party. It can be an Amazon Gift Card, custom candy bar wrappers with your picture and name on it or other themed giveaways. Favors are the Sweet Sixteen party decorations that your guests take home with them to remember your party.

    Custom made M&M’s in a bag for guests to take home can also be a fun themed giveaway to have at the party. It is important to find favors that go with the theme of your event. It will be one more way to make your event very memorable.

    Sweet Sixteen Jewelry

    Having Sweet Sixteen jewelry is cool because it shows off who the birthday girl is! You can also pick up matching necklaces for your VIP girlfriends or you can give them out to everyone at the party as a giveaway. It’s a great way to remember your party by!

    It can either be a necklaces or jewelry that says sweet sixteen on it, or you can get it from your favorite store. Make sure it’s unique and you are debuting it for the first time at the party for extra impact.

    Sweet 16 Party Games

    If a DJ isn’t in your plans, there are still plenty of Sweet Sixteen games that you can play with your guests. Here are some ideas for sweet sixteen party games to make your birthday bash the most memorable event of the year!

    Lie Detector

    For this sweet sixteen party game, pass out a piece of paper and pen to each of your guests. Have them write down 3 facts on the paper. Two of the facts must be truthful and one of the facts must be a lie. The lie can be as silly, outrageous, or as believable as you want it to be. Then, go around the group and have each person read off their facts. The rest of the group must then try and guess which of their facts is the lie! This is a great game to play prior to any of the other activities because it lightens the mood and gets everyone talking and laughing, especially if you have groups of friends from different social circles (school, camp, neighborhood) as it will help everyone get to know each other better.

    Fashion Show

    This sweet 16 party game is perfect for an all-girls party or a co-ed event. Set up a cat walk down the middle of your living room. Have a box full of hats, makeup, and accessories for the guests to wear. Then each guest can have a turn strutting down the runway wearing their best outfits. Have prizes for most unique outfit, best dressed, best model walk, etc. Also make sure to have a camera ready to snap some great photos!

    Musical Chairs

    This game is one you may remember playing when you were younger—however it never gets old! It is a great sweet 16 party game to get you and your friends laughing, having fun, and dancing to the music! To play, set up one less chair as there are people at your party. It is usually best to set them up back to back so that people can form a circle around them. Start playing music and have people walk or dance around in a circle around the chairs. Once the music stops, everyone must find a chair to sit in. The one person who is left standing is out of the game. Remove one chair from the circle and continue playing until there is one person left in the game.


    Rent a karaoke machine for guests to show off their singing and/or lip syncing skills. Some great songs to play are “Sixteen Candles” by Jackson 5, “Happy Birthday” by Stevie Wonder, “Sweet Sixteen” by Beyoncé. Of course, you can also have songs by your favorite performers. You friends probably already know all the words anyway!

    Balloon Truth or Dare

    This is another fun sweet 16 game for your party. Before the party starts, write out 10 truth questions and 10 dares each on small index cards. Carefully place the card inside each balloon and then blow them up. During the party, each guest can take a turn popping a balloon and either answering a truth question or completing the dare.

    Sweet 16 Ideas

    Hopefully, this blog has given you a list of Sweet 16 Ideas for you and your Birthday Girl.  Our list of Sweet 16 Themes hopefully has your imagination running wild for what your party could look like.

    We hope your Sweet 16 Party is something memorable and let us know how Kevin Smith Transportation Group can help.  Have fun!