Case Study: Utilizing Transportation to Maximize Billable Hours

maximize billable hours

efore developing a solution, it was important to understand what was important to our prospective client.  After a few strategy sessions, some specific themes became very clear. Corporate shuttle service.

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Industry: Law Firm

Need: Wanted to improve billable hours by partnering with a luxury transportation company

Challenge: With more than 75 employees in the firm, how could they build out a solution that would be measurable and significant enough to meet their goals


We sat down with Senior Partners to understand their issues.  They identified the downtime lawyers in the firm faced when traveling between meetings, depositions or other off-site events.

Our initial thoughts were to set up a test among 5 lawyers.  We analyzed their prior 6 months to determine their billable hours, the amount of time they spent out of the office versus when they were in the office.

We began by setting them up with a custom Sprinter that provided 4 custom workstations.  We handled all of their transfers, even waiting while they were at meetings to make sure when they were done they could be immediately driven back to the office.  The impact was immediate.  While the setup was a home run for their employees, the immediate feedback was that they felt more plugged in.  There was less downtime, they could respond to emails while traveling and they felt better prepped when going to a meeting since they didn’t need to worry about driving, traffic or parking.

However, the true benchmark from the Senior Partners perspective would be billable hours.  The good news was the math spoke for itself.  Even with limited time out of the office, the 5 lawyers averaged an increase of 14% more billable hours.  The smallest increase was only 9% and the largest of the 5 was 21%.  While the sample size was small, all parties were positive the results would translate over the entire firm.

Since that test, we have begun to initiate transportation services for the entire firm, handling all travel during the work day when the result of that travel would be a return to the office at some point.  We look forward to seeing the results over a larger period but feel confident this is a solution that will have an immediate ROI both in savings and overall performance for those in the firm.

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Maximize Billable Hours

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