Villa Maria Academy’s Official Prom Limo & Party Bus Fact Page

Kevin Smith Transportation Group is the preferred Limo and Prom Party Bus Company for Villa Maria Academy’s Prom in Malvern, PA. As one of 142 High Schools in KSTG’s service area, the perfect Limo and Party Bus is waiting for you. Call 610-222-6225 today and make sure the Limo or Party Bus you want is secured before everything is booked up.

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Prom Services

Providing personalized Prom Limo rentals and Prom Party Bus rentals for students of Villa Maria Academy in Malvern, PA is a high volume service for Kevin Smith Transportation Group. Our fleet provides many options for high school students and below are the most popular options for Limo and Party Bus rentals.



Prom Stretch Limo

Stretch Prom Limos are as traditional as it gets for students at Villa Maria Academy in Malvern, PA. From groups of 2 to 12 or more, you don’t need to sacrifice Luxury for safety. So if you are attending Prom at Villa Maria Academy in Malvern, PA and want to feel like a Star, call Kevin Smith Transportation Group today and book your Limo rental.

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Prom Party Bus

Planning group transportation for up to 25 or more students from Villa Maria Academy in Malvern, PA? A Prom Party Bus is the perfect rental for your entire group. With wrap around bench seating, LED lighting and Surround Sound Bluetooth enabled music, for an amazing experience you will never get, select a Prom Party Bus from Kevin Smith Transportation Group.

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Prom Sprinter Van

The trendiest vehicle in our flight is generally known as a Wedding Sprinter. Brides have been drawn to the flexibility of handling groups up to 14 people along to the Luxury that these Sprinters have. For students of Avon Grove in Malvern, PA, these vehicles are known as Prom Sprinters, delivering luxury and safety to students across the area.

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Prom Mini Shuttle

Prom season at Villa Maria Academy in Malvern, PA often means rentals of our Prom Mini Shuttles. Large enough to handle groups as large as 30, these Chauffeured vehicles are often used for the most exclusive wedding sin Malvern, PA and are busy every Prom season.

prom mini shuttle

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Prom Luxury SUV

Attending Prom at Villa Maria Academy in Malvern, PA with 1 other couple? Consider a $100,000 Luxury SUV rental. These SUV’s will make you think they moves the Billboard Awards to Malvern, PA.

luxury prom suv

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Prom Luxury Sedan

Looking for something built for 2? Many students at Avon Grove in Malvern, PA are looking for a Luxury sedan like the exclusive Cadillac XTS. With your own Chauffeur to escort you, students can take advantage of the safety of Chauffeured transportation with the Luxury that only Kevin Smith Transportation Group can deliver.

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Villa Maria Academy Prom – Limo & Party Bus Services

Prom Limo and Party Bus rentals are a cool experience for students of Villa Maria Academy in Malvern, PA. The chance to celebrate the best night of the school year is perfect in a Kevin Smith Transportation Group Luxury Prom Limo or Party Bus. But the time to act is now!

Prom season at Villa Maria Academy in Malvern, PA means you are competing with potentially dozens of other high schools in the greater Philadelphia, PA area. Every vehicle will be rented so the sooner you can plan out what you need, the quicker Kevin Smith Transportation Group can deliver on the best night of the school year.

Prom Safety Tip #245 – Vehicle Tips – Prom is definitely more fun in a group. Consider renting a Party Bus for your entire group. This will give you a space to have some fun while ensuring everybody stays safe by leaving the driving to a professional Chauffeur.

Villa Maria Academy in Malvern, PA – Facts and Figures

Villa Maria Academy is an all-girls Catholic college-preparatory high school located in Malvern, PA. The school was formed and carried out by the Sisters, Servants of the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Growth and development is key to this institution whether it be spiritually or intellectually. It is operated independently and with the blessing of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Philadelphia.

The foundation of the academy dates to July, 1872. At that time, the Sisters, Servants of the Immaculate Heart of Mary transferred their motherhouse, novitiate, and boarding school from Reading to West Chester, PA. Occupying the property formerly owned by the Pennsylvania Military Academy, the school flourished in West Chester until 1914, when Villa Maria moved to Immaculata College, which today houses the retired sisters.

In 1924, the Sisters acquired the property of William R. Warner, Jr. in Green Tree, where the high school remains today. May 5, 1925 marked the opening of Villa Maria at Green Tree. Regina Mundi Hall was constructed in 1955, and had many later additions and expansions. In 1979, Villa Maria Lower School, grades K-8, was moved to a wing of the House of Studies at Immaculata. At this time the high school acquired St. Joseph Hall, which had been built in 1965.

In 1985, plans were undertaken to build the Marian Center, an Arts/Athletic complex. The Athletic Center, Phase 1 of the total project, opened in December, 1987. Phase Two was completed in May, 1997; new soccer/lacrosse, softball, and hockey fields, an all-weather track, and five tennis courts were also constructed. In the early 2000s, other renovations and expansions were completed, which included an addition to St. Joseph’s Hall, renovation of the cafeteria in Regina Mundi, and campus security measures.