A Charter Bus to Washington D.C.

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Today’s blog is one in a series on the Luxury Charter Bus Industry. Whether you are interested in booking a daily charter or a multi-day tour, this blog series will offer you the tips and destination ideas that will make your next charter the best experience it can be.  

If you want to book a Luxury Coach Bus for your next Charter, call 610-222-6225 and speak to a Kevin Smith Transportation Group Tour Operator who can assist you with everything from vehicle selection to designing your entire tour.  

History is overflowing only hours from Philadelphia, PA. The hub of the control center for America. The pulse of the country!

Washington D.C. is the perfect destination for a bus trip, and the best way to get there is in a comfortable, safe, state of the art charter tour bus with an experienced professional driver behind the wheel.

Tours in D.C.

There is always much going on in the Washington. For those politically minded, there are daily tours of the White House and the Capital. If you are a United States resident, you can directly set up a tour by contacting your Senator, Congressman of Congresswoman. 

A lot of Congressional offices do private tours of a dozen or so people led by their own staff members. Call their office and ask for assistance in general tour reservations.

Here are the links for looking up your district’s representatives in Washington:

Congress: https://www.visitthecapitol.gov/plan-visit/book-tour/book-tour-through-the-office-your-representative

Senate: https://www.visitthecapitol.gov/plan-visit/book-tour/book-tour-through-the-offices-your-senators

You can also schedule a tour of the Capital directly online through this link:


The other tour on the top of your list should be the White House. A White House tour can be scheduled through your own Member of Congress. If you go to the first link above, you will be able to find the direct contact information to their office.

Events, Rallies, Protests & Marches in D.C.

For those who are politically proactive, every week there are events you may want to attend in Washington. Freedom of Expression is a guaranteed right to every citizen, and there is a wide scope of ways that one can express themselves. 

Political rallies, protests, and awareness campaigns are all regular events in the Nation’s Capital. Whenever there are large gatherings, transportation and parking can become major issues. Driving your own vehicle can be next to impossible. Streets can be blocked off, parking restricted, tow trucks standing by!

A profession charter bus company can expedite your travel there and take you as close as possible to your desired destination in the middle of D.C. Also, on a modern tour bus, you can rest on the way there, and do the same on the way back home. 

Your entire itinerary can also be thoroughly planned out in advance, including stops, breakfast, lunch, food and drinks to-go. If it is a multi-day event or more than a day excursion, overnight accommodations can be arranged for your entire group.

Historical Sightseeing

If you do it right and start early, there is certainly an action-packed day in D.C. for you and your group. The National Gallery of Art is one of the premier galleries in the world. There is so much art there to even take in on one day, but even a 3-hour taste of what is in this amazing gallery will inspire you. On Sunday evenings there are concerts in the beautiful garden room and the admission is free!

The Lincoln Memorial is something that will take your breath away. A massive statue of President Lincoln looking down at you. At night the lighting creates an incredible effect. It’s impressive and with so much historical significance.

The Smithsonian encompasses 19 world-class museums, 9 research centers and there is even a zoo! The National Zoo, the Air & Space Museum, the American Indian Museum, the African Art Museum, and the Natural History Museum are all part of this sprawling historical, educational and inspiring complex of attractions.

How to Plan Your Trip to Washington D.C.

You can just get in your own car and go. Or perhaps take the train.  But a luxurious modern charter tour bus is best!  The booking is easy. Just call us and our customer service focused knowledgeable and friendly representatives will handle it all for you. 

Decide the time, the size of your group, the itinerary, the destination(s). Combine our experience with your desires and it will all come quickly together. We will work with you to get the lowest cost of your trip, and our safety records are outstanding and at the top of all charter bus service providers. 

You will love our professional drivers, and we will do everything possible to make your excursion to Washington D.C. the best and most memorable trip it can be!

If you want to book a Luxury Coach Bus for your next Charter, call 610-222-6225 and speak to a Kevin Smith Transportation Group Tour Operator who can assist you with everything from vehicle selection to designing your entire tour.  

Thank you for reading today’s blog on the Luxury Charter Bus Industry. Please visit us every week as we share tips, explore industry news and suggest tour destination ideas for those that are interested in booking a Charter Bus Trip.    

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