Wedding Shuttle Service – 5 Reasons Why You Need it

wedding shuttle service

5 Reasons Why You Need Wedding Shuttle Service

What would happen if the bride arrived at her wedding and there was nobody there? It may not be as ridiculous as you think.

In the weddings of today, it is quite common to have the wedding reception at one venue and the guests staying at an off-site hotel. The question is how do the guests get from the hotel to the venue and back?

Sure, your Uncle Larry and Aunt Teresa can drive themselves over, stay for an hour and be back at the hotel in bed by 9pm. But what about your college friends who plan on drinking every last ounce of alcohol at the open bar before they leave? Their cars are safely parked at the hotel and the feasibility of getting 50 Uber’s to drive everybody back is ridiculous.

So this is where you come in. Wedding Shuttle Service has become the standard protocol as safety and convenience have become part of the standard playbook for planning wedding transportation. So let’s go through 5 reasons why you need Wedding Shuttle Service

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Wedding Shuttle Service – 5 Reasons Why You Need it

Everybody wants their guests to enjoy themselves at the wedding but most importantly, you want to make sure everybody sees you enter the room as Husband and Bride for the first time. So let’s review 5 reasons why you need Wedding Shuttle Service.

1. You Need Wedding Guests to Show Up

How do you expect 100, 200 or more guests find their way from the hotel and back to the venue? In a Wedding Shuttle of course! By providing transportation both back and forth, your guests are guaranteed to arrive on time and most importantly, leave on time when the lights come up!

2. It is All About Safety

Weddings are supposed to be a blast. The last thing anybody wants is someone to get hurt because they made a bad decision after a night of partying. By providing Wedding Shuttle service to your guests, they don’t have to worry about driving home and can let their proverbial hair down and dance the night away.

3. Your Guests Convenience

You have 100 guests all staying in the same hotel. Imagine then 40 cars having to be driven over to the venue, parked and then driven back afterward? Crazy right? Instead, your guests can relax at the hotel bar, jump into the Wedding Shuttle when it arrives and they can continue the party on the way over and back again at the end of the night.

4. Perfect Timing

You’ve spent months (or more) planning your Wedding Day and everything is orchestrated down to the minute. Except for the grandparents who are stuck back at the hotel because somebody forgot to pick them up. By booking a Wedding Shuttle, nobody will be left behind and your wedding will only fall behind schedule because of you!

5. You Need a Place for All the Booty

It’s the end of the night and you have an overflowing gift table, centerpieces you want to keep and a million other little things. Now you’re looking for multiple cars who can transport your stuff back. With a Wedding Shuttle, let your Chauffeur help you move everything into the secure vehicle where it can be driven safely and efficiently back to the hotel.

Wedding Shuttles do Make Sense

You spend a lot of time thinking about the food, the drinks, and the music to make sure your guests have a great time. But sometimes we forget how they will get there in the first place.

So by arranging Wedding Shuttles for your guests, you can make sure they can enjoy the entire evening relaxed and with no worries. Their safety is secured before the night even begins.

So work with a trusted partner who can handle all of your wedding transportation needs, including those critical Wedding Shuttles and you can also relax knowing everyone will be delivered safely back to their hotels.

It is your day after all!

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