Wedding Transportation Services – 5 Things Not to Forget


5 Things to NOT forget for your Wedding Day

Your wedding day is a busy day and last minute items can derail even the best of plans. While not every last minute request can be planned for, there are certainly details that if addressed can eliminate last-minute headaches.

Yes, you booked a Party Bus or Stretch Limousine to make sure you and your Bridal Party get there on time. But how are you getting your gifts back to your house or hotel?

You made sure your grandparents got picked up and brought to the venue. But did you get any pictures of them coming and going?

With some simple planning, you can make sure your Wedding Transportation Services goes smoothly and you won’t forget the things you want to accomplish.

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Wedding Transportation Services – 5 Things Not to Forget

Every bride has a list that might have hundreds of things on it that need to be accomplished before the big day. By making sure these 5 things aren’t forgotten, you will have 5 less things to worry about on the big day!

1. Your Photographer

Sure, your photographer will take all of the pictures with you and your Bridal Party. But what about the moment when your grandparents arrived to the wedding or your mom shed her first tear before you even arrived. By sending your photographer with your Wedding Chauffeur, you can be sure to capture every important moment.

2. Your Exit

When you bought that Wedding Dress, we bet it looked amazing in the store as you walked past all of those mirrors. However, did you think about how you were going to climb in and out of the vehicle? Before the big day arrives, consider practicing once or at least check out the height when stepping down while selecting your vehicle.

3. Your Wedding Gifts

While you are dancing and celebrating, your gift table is stacked with all of your wedding booty! When the night ends, you will be tired and the last thing you will want to do is figure out how you are getting the gifts home. Why not have that Wedding Chauffeur load and deliver your gifts back to your house or hotel while the party is still going.

4. Re-Confirm your Schedule

When you booked your Wedding Limousine or Party Bus, everyone was meeting at your Maid of Honor’s house. However, a month ago, she moved and you never told your Wedding Transportation company. That will be a problem! Two weeks before the Wedding, have your Wedding Transportation company confirm their pickups and drop-offs to make sure everyone is on the same page.

5. Hire Professionals

This is your Wedding Day! You want your Limousine, Party Bus or Wedding Shuttle to be perfect. While you can save a dollar by using Uncle Jimmy’s 2009 Town Car, this might be the portion of your budget that you don’t want to skimp on. Book the best and know that your Wedding Transportation Services will be perfect.

5 Things Not to Forget When Booking Your Wedding Transportation

Wedding Transportation is a critical part of your Wedding Day. However, we learned that the Limousine or Party Bus you use to move your Bridal Party isn’t the only thing you need to handle.

Many special moments occur during your Wedding Day. Using your Wedding Chauffeur to help capture them is a great way to leverage your Wedding Transportation company.

So when finalizing those plans, consider every aspect of the Wedding Day and maximize your transportation. It will be worth it!