What Are the Most Cost-Effective Transportation Options for Early Flights?

Taking an early flight is a great way to avoid traffic, minimize the crowd, and even save a few bucks in the process. Especially nowadays, with additional wait times due to social distancing, and extra safety protocols, an early flight is extremely convenient. However, once you’ve booked your flights, next comes the all-important question of how you’ll get to the airport. With early morning surge pricing on apps like Uber and Lyft, and the unreliability of flagging down a taxi, here are some cost-effective transportation options for if you’re heading to the airport before dawn!

Shuttle Service

Planning a group trip for a wedding, vacation, or family reunion? Making sure everyone gets cabs, on-time can burn a hole in your pocket. Not to mention the stress of having to track multiple vehicles and all the luggage. That’s why shuttle service is a great, not to mention, affordable option!

You’ll have enough space to seat members into the double digits, and you’ll be able to stash all your luggage comfortably. Your chauffeur will also be available to help out with carrying the luggage and will arrive on-time at a predetermined location, so there won’t be any confusion when it’s time to make your trip to the airport. 

Black Car Service 

There’s no point saving a few bucks on early morning flight tickets if you’re just going to miss your flight. The stress of canceled taxis on Uber or Lyft, combined with surge pricing can make it an unattractive option. Flagging down a cab early in the morning also isn’t ideal, and that’s where black car service can be a huge lifesaver. If you book your town car a little bit in advance you can get attractive discounts, especially if you’re a repeat user. In addition, you won’t have to worry about your chauffeur being punctual, and you won’t have to pay any luggage fees added on to your cab fare.

Mini Bus

If you’ve got a sports game, corporate event, or just a really big family, and you’ve got more than 15 passengers in your group all trying to make the same flight then a mini bus is the way to go! Not only does it cut down costs enormously, if you compare with price per passenger as opposed to booking a bunch of cabs, but it keeps the whole group together, and makes the travel logistics a whole lot easier!

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