What’s Included in a Party Bus Rental?

party bus rental service

Looking to rent a Party Bus?

A common question our Transportation Concierges are asked is what is included in a Party Bus Rental Service. We are asked everything from does it come with a driver to how late can we keep it out.

While some companies may offer specific packages for special occasions like Weddings or Nights on the Town, it should be an option for you to include everything for one set hourly price, reducing the number of things you may end up worrying about the day of your rental.

However, unless you are experienced in renting Party Buses, understanding what is included might be easier if you worked directly with a Transportation Concierge.

party bus service

So let’s go through how best to determine what is included in a Party Bus Rental Service.

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What’s included in a Party Bus Rental Service?

There are 5 things you should confirm are included in your Party Bus Rental Service

1. How many people will fit in the Party Bus?

Party Buses come in many sizes, from as small as 8 passengers to more than 40 people. You want to make sure your entire party can fit comfortably so asking how many total people can fit in your Party Bus is important.

2. How long can I keep the Party Bus?

When people rent a Party Bus, they don’t want to get out. So assume however long you planned for the bus, you will keep it longer. A Bachelor or Bachelorette Party will rarely decide they want to end the party earlier! So make sure if you decide to extend, you can.

3. Does it come with a driver?

Yes, it does. When you rent a Party Bus for a Wedding or to simply attend a Concert or Show, the point of the Party Bus is you get to relax and enjoy the evening. Let the professional chauffeurs handle the driving so you can enjoy all of the benefits of a Party Bus.

4. What about taxes or gratuity?

Depending on the state, taxes may or may not be included. Most companies include an 18% gratuity but you should confirm when you call. You can also make sure there aren’t any hidden fees like fuel surcharges or cleanup fees that will increase your overall cost.

5. Can I drink on the Party Bus

This is a common question when people are renting the Party Bus for events like Weddings or other special occasions. The laws vary by state but this is a great question to ask when speaking with a professional Transportation Concierge regarding what is included with your Party Bus Rental Service.

party bus rental service

Party Bus Inclusions

In summary, there are many possible inclusions in a Party Bus Rental Service. While the answers may be different from company to company, asking the right questions is the best course of action.

However, we believe making sure the Party Bus Rental Service will be big enough for your group and that you can keep the bus for longer than you initially asked for are two of the more important things.

While you may ask for other things to be included in your Party Bus Rental Service like ice, cups, snacks or other smaller items, by focusing on the larger, more critical items first, you can work with your Transportation Concierge to make sure every detail is finalized and all of your wish list is included in your Party Bus Rental Service.

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