Why You Should Book a Party Bus For Your Bachelor Party or Bachelorette Party

Did you know that the tradition of throwing bachelor (and now, bachelorette) parties comes straight from the Spartans? That one last hurrah before a life of martial bliss, bachelor(ette) parties are the perfect occasion to bring out the figurative big guns and make it a party that you won’t forget (or remember, at times)! A party bus is the perfect way to go big (and go home safely) while keeping the good times rolling. If you’re still not convinced here are some quality reasons for why you should book a party bus for your bachelor or bachelorette party.

Keep the Gang Together

Many a bachelor(ette) party has turned into a riotous occasion with the booze flowing freely, and guests at varying stages of tipsy. Booking a few ride share cabs to get to your first party stop might sound like a cost-effective idea initally, but figuring out the schematics of getting multiple ‘Lyfts’ to your next destination a few drinks down can be quite a task. Not only will not be able to guarantee that everyone gets there at the same time—like you can with a party bus—but you run the risk of leaving John at the bar or Jessica in the bathroom – because who can keep track of multiple people, and multiple vehicles?

Don’t Stop the Party

Why should you have to put the party on pause while you head to your next destination? Party buses are equipped with surround sound, LED lights, and a bar (or bars) so you can drink, dance, and even enjoy some fun games which you’d prefer to play within the privacy of your immediate group, all while getting to the next stop!

Safety & Security

Three words – no designated driver – drinking and driving is always a no-no, and no one should have to miss out on the full bachelor party experience. In addition to the cool perks like bars, music, and LED lights, you don’t have to worry about parking, things (or people) getting lost or forgotten in multiple vehicles, and you can be sure that only members of your party will be allowed in the party bus.

Bigger is Better

Party buses seat anywhere from 18 to 26 passengers, so you can guarantee that the gang’s all there at your bachelor(ette) party! Not just that, but a party bus ups the ante, so to speak, and is sure to impress your guests, and take your night/day out to the next level. You also have loads of flexibility when it comes to choosing multiple locations, and can hit all the hotspots!
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