Why You Should Book Shuttle Service for Your Holiday Parties

The end of the year is just around the corner and it’s important to reward your employees for a job well done! Holiday parties are a great way to boost morale and end your year on a high note. While party options might be limited this year, that doesn’t mean you can’t spread some corporate cheer. Shuttle service provides a fun and safe way to celebrate the wins for years, and take your office party to the next level! Here are some reasons why you should book shuttle service for your holiday party.

Safety First

We know keeping your employees safe is a top priority. Because of the size of party buses, mini buses, and vans, it is possible to practice social distancing so your employees feel safe and comfortable as well. You’ll also be certain that no members outside your (holiday) party will be allowed on the vehicle. You can also relax in the knowledge that CDC mandated cleaning happens before and after every trip. 

Get Out Into the Great Outdoors

Dwight had the right idea when he shuttled the whole office out on a work bus to visit a pie stand. Taking your employees out of the office for your holiday party can really lift the mood. Heading out to a wine trail or a brewery tour is a fantastic way to celebrate your employees, and offer a much needed change of scenery. Your employees will enjoy being outdoors, and it will feel a lot more special than the routine office party. 

Stick to the Budget

Shuttle service often works out to be quite inexpensive. Ferrying upwards of 14 people by cab starts to add up, and the additional schematics involved can leave your head spinning. Many transportation companies also offer a tidy discount if you book on certain days of the week (us included). You can also pick and choose the vehicles you want to want to book—no need to pick the most lavish party bus—so you can stick to your budget. 

Plan Your Own Agenda

You don’t need to stick to a strict one-stop or two-stop strategy when you book shuttle service. You have the freedom to chart your own course and take your employees wherever you feel they’ll enjoy themselves the most. It could be to a nearby restaurant, or a bowling alley, or for a game of minibus. Most transportation companies also have coordinators on hand who can help you put the plan for the day together. 

Do you want to make your holiday party extra memorable? Contact one of our transportation coordinators here!