What is the Best Party Bus Rental?

best party bus rental

This is one in a series of blogs helping people in the greater Philadelphia, PA learn how to identify the Best of when it comes to booking transportation.  As the leading luxury ground transportation company in the greater Philadelphia, PA area, Kevin Smith Transportation Group carries the responsibility of delivering the best service. This series will help you ensure you get the best of your next rental.     

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Whether youre renting a vehicle for personal or business use, you want the best possible experience. At Kevin Smith Transportation Group, we have worked closely with our clients ensuring they get the best service in the industry.  

Here are the 5 tips to ensuring you get the best Party Bus rental possible.

5 Tips for Receiving the Best Party Bus Rental

1. Ask to See Pictures

Some companies will post “pictures” on their website but those pictures are from the internet and not their own buses. To ensure you get the best Party Bus rental, ask to see the actual pictures of the Party Bus you are going to rent.  

2. Ask if they Own Party Buses

Some companies will advertise for Party Buses but don’t actually own any. To make sure you get the best Party Bus rental possible, make sure it is a local company that works with people in your area every day.

3. Make Sure Your Group Can Fit

Some companies will advertise a 25 passenger Party Bus but it can only hold 25 if the 25 were very small children! For the best Party Bus rental, make sure you understand how many adults will fit comfortably.  

4. Have Them Explain the Pricing

Make sure you understand how the pricing works if you go over your time because almost every Party Bus rental runs over time. The best Party Bus rentals have transparent pricing so there are no surprises when the bill arrives.  

5. Ask for Extras

Sometimes, you may want to have the Party Bus decorated or certain suppliers placed on the bus. While there may be a cost for these extras, the best Party Bus rental is one where you can customize your entire experience.  

The Best Party Bus Rental Company is Kevin Smith Transportation Group

By following these 5 tips, you will give yourself the greatest chance to experience the Best Party Bus Rental in the greater Philadelphia, PA area. So whether you are looking for the best Party Bus rental, the Best Limousine service or the Best Employee Shuttle Service, just call Kevin Smith Transportation Group at 610-222-6225 and let the best Concierges in the industry arrange all of your transportation. 

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