Your Guide to a Superb Wedding Ride (2min Read)


Amidst all your wedding planning, dressing, and catering, the transportation is not to be overlooked. As the adage goes, you cannot overplan your wedding; but you do want to make it as fun and thrilling by day as it is by night. But first, you have to map it out from start to finish.

The Logistics

Simply put: where does your wedding day start; and where does it end? On that most momentous of mornings, where are you having your hair and makeup done? Are you driving on the road to grab brunch with your bridesmaids and grooms, all dashed and glammed up? Are you calling upon the best wedding transportation in Philadelphia, PA? Where are you taking your bridal party portraits; and how much of your family will be there? Depending on the size of your families (and the ambition of your photographer) you may need a Cadillac before noon, and a roomy party bus rental by nine.

The Budget

Ultimately, your transportation budget is tied to the number of guests who will need to be mobilized on wedding day. While you shouldn’t feel obligated to ferry every single guest, a gathering of this size is not an everyday occasion. You can relieve stress for yourself and all your guests by planning out their transportation to and fro. Naturally, you’d like everyone at your wedding to enjoy themselves, too. By covering their cars, limos, and buses, you’ll ensure that no one has to drive back under the influence of too much fun. Lastly, think about the distance and total duration of the day. Most companies tend to charge you for a minimum of three to four hours of service.

The Ride

Now that all you’ve figured out the bulk of your mapping and finances, you’ve arrived at the best part of a wedding plan: picking out a sweet and stylish ride for you, your family, and your guests. With a veritable fleet of bridal party buses, Kevin Smith Transportation Group has some of the best transportation options for anyone in the greater Philadelphia region. To learn more, please browse our site.

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