Why You Should Book Shuttle Service That is a Custom Fit for Your Wedding

Your big day isn’t just about you (although it should be)! Sometimes it can seem like your wedding is more for the guests than the bride and groom. However, it’s also true that one of the best things about weddings is all the memories—and that wouldn’t be possible without all the wedding guests (those who RSVP late included)! 

Making sure all of your loved ones get to the venue on time—and in one piece—can be a bit daunting but that’s where shuttle service comes into the picture. It’s convenient, comfortable and not just a great photo op! Here are some reasons why you should book wedding shuttle service when you tie the knot. 

Convenience is King

If you’re inviting relatives and friends from out of town for your wedding, booking multiple ride-sharing cabs, or expecting them to make their own way isn’t always feasible. Especially if there are multiple venues involved, booking wedding shuttle service is one less headache you’ll have to deal with. You’ll also have the added advantage of knowing when everyone is due to arrive so you can plan your grand entrance accordingly! 

Privacy Perks

Booking wedding shuttle service means that the whole wedding party and family are together. This provides the perfect opportunity for impromptu photoshoots, a glass (or two) of bubbly to settle the nerves. Not to mention, it’s a great way to unwind, or keep the party going away from the prying eyes of guests you may not be as comfortable with.

Safety Comes First

If you have elderly grandparents, or high-risk guests attending you want to make sure they are safe and secure. Booking shuttle service means that they’ll be able to maintain social distancing, and that they won’t be in contact with strangers, or in a rideshare where you can’t be certain about sanitization protocols. 

Fun, Fun, Fun

Having the entire crew riding together is a recipe for a whole lot of fun, which is exactly what a wedding should be! As an added bonus, your guests won’t have to pick straws to choose the designated driver so everyone can party safely and responsibly. You can also enjoy some fun perks like surround sound, ice for the bar (you’ll have to bring your own drinks though) and even LED lights to make the occasion extra flashy!

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